Airline Approved Pet Transport Cages

We have Airline Approved Pet Transport Cages available for sale or hire.

Hamilton Pet Transport has a full range of plastic “PP” series airline approved pet transport cages including water bowl and funnel for sale.

We can also custom build wooden airline approved cages with attached drinking bowls.

We can offer two choices for our hire cage services:

  1. All hire crates booked with the transport of the pet will include the return flight. Collect your pet from the destination Airport and the hire cage stays there. We take care of the return from the Airport!
  2. Full deposit on hire crate prior to collection. If returned within 2 weeks the deposit less the refund cost.

Please contact us to enquire as all prices vary for cage.
*Conditions apply

We accept cages supplied by customers, but they must meet the standards for pets that travel via air freight.

Airline Approved Pet Transport Cage

Travel Cage Requirements

To ensure comfort and to meet requirements all pets must be able to stand up in the transport cage.

When standing, their nose to base of tail must not be touching the cage and head must not be touching the roof of crate.

Our team will guide you through what crate to use for International Pet Transport.

If you source a crate yourself - please refer to the following diagram for sizing.


Need an airline approved pet transport cage?

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