Pet Transport Tips

  • Please ensure your pets nails are trimmed to prevent scratching and your pets are groomed/brushed for their comfort while traveling.
  • Any exercise or interactive play time is encouraged on the day or before of their flight/drive to help your pet feel positive and remain calm.
  • It is not recommended to sedate your pet prior to travel. Sedation can cause dehydration; your vet may be able to provide a natural calmer as some pets are more active/anxious than others.
  • To prevent soiling in their cages and upset stomachs in flight we advise you to
    • Not feed your pet the night before the flight in the morning.
    • Not feed at least 8 hours before flight during day.
    • Ensure your pet has water and is toileted before arranged travel time.

      The last thing you want your pet to feel is uncomfortable on their flight and to get dirty!

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